Taking a Look at the SCA

Detroit Free Press: In an article about a Sunday fighter practice in Warren, Michigan (USA), Detroit Free Press staff writer Melissa Sanchez takes a look at SCA life. Staff writer Melissa Sanchez must have been listening closely when she spoke to Middle Kingdom residents at a Sunday fighter practice recently. In a balanced article, she looks at various aspects of SCA life from fighting to the arts and provides a thoughtful look at the Society. Those interviewed include a local Baroness and a Knight as well as other residents.

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Awesome coverage

We had a great time speaking to the journalist and photographer who spent so much time with us at our practice. It was a fluke that they were there at all, to be truthful. The photographer showed up because of a misprinted date on a craft show that's usually held in the same park. But because we were there with our fighters, our signs ("Why are these people hitting each other?"), and our support crews (it was popsicle day), he was intrigued enough to stay and come back.

When he did come back, he brought with him Melissa Sanchez, the staff writer, who subsequently called me (I'm the local baroness) and a number of other people. To top things off, they even sent us electronic copies of the photographs they might use so we could proof the captions and ensure the information was presented accurately. In the paper edition, the whole of the article included the front page picture of the Community Edition (an insert paper in the main paper), and a full two-page spread in the main body of the paper.

The online edition didn't have the photos with it, but for people who are interested in seeing them, check out the Legio Draconis website in the "Events and Demos" album of the Picture Gallery sections. Specifically most of page two (http://www.legiodraconis.com/modules.php?set_albumName=album42&op=modloa...) and all of page three (http://www.legiodraconis.com/modules.php?set_albumName=album42&op=modloa...) contain the photos the photographer included.

In service,


THL Iasmin de Cordoba, Baroness Roaring Wastes, Middle Kingdom (Gaylin Walli, South-East Michigan)

Re: Awesome coverage

That's awesome that the reporter actually checked the accuracy of photo captions and the article. We've been happy overall with the press coverage we've received locally in Alderford, but occasionally there is an inaccuracy large enough to make us say, "Well, at least we got some publicity."

A common mistake is to equate "fighter" with "Knight" and assume that anyone in armor must be a Knight. That's understandable. Calling people with swords "jousters", though, pushes the error a little further, because even non-SCAdians ought to better than that.

I guess I'm willing to overlook minor errors if the coverage is balanced or favorable, because if it helps us recruit new members, we can always correct the information privately when the new folks ask about it. Errors that make us look bad have, fortunately, not happened here in our locality yet.