Scottish Connection

I am new to this body but I would like to introduce myself and my Scottish connection.

I Descend from King Robert I, also known as Robert the Bruce.

I descend from Robert through his daughter, Marjorie who married Walter Stewart and their son became known as King Robert II Stewart. I also descend from King Robert II's son, known as King Robert III Stewart.

My ancestors are several of the children of both Robert II and Robert III who at various times beginning in 1426 married into the Agnew Family, Hereditary Sheriff's of Galloway from 1426 through the 1700's when the office was ended. The Agnew men were Knights at a time when a Knight had to fight for his position.

The line came down through, Kennedy, Campbell, Vaux, Graham, Gordon, Baron's of the Magna C Stewart Families of Scotland.

Almost every King Scotland ever had is the Ancestor of this line that I am a member of. Going back to Fergus, King of Dalraida (501). Also, Brian Bóruma, High King of Ireland is of the Ancestor of many this Group.

Kings such as Malcolm II of Alba, King of Scotland, Duncan I 'the Gracious', King of Scotland (Killed by MacBeth in Battle), Malcolm III 'Caennmor', King of Scotland (Malcolm, at the head of an English Saxon army defeated and killed MacBeth in 1057), David I, 'the Saint', King of Scotland, Donald III 'Donald Bane' , King of Scotland are the Ancestors of Myself and King Robert I, and Robert II and Robert III. Robert III Stewart is the Last of my line of ancestors of the Stewart Kings.

I love the History behind my family and I am very fortunate to know my ancestors and that is because of the Records kept on the Agnew Family, The Agnews of Lochnaw who maintained their Castle Home from 1426 unti it sold in the 1990s. It was lived in as a family home until the mid 1900s and was run for an Agnew Trust the last years and I have Cousins who stayed at the Castle in Scotland and it is still lived in. It was kept up to date and modern and was still on more than 7,000 acres