Have We Got a Tannery?

Members of the Archaeological Leather Group are frequently contacted by archaeologists who think they have uncovered a tannery site. Very often, the only evidence is a hole in the ground containing some pieces of leather. In order to increase knowledge and understanding of leather manufacturing techniques, the ALG is organising conference entitled Archaeological Leather Group Weekend Conference HAVE WE GOT A TANNERY?

It will take place on April 12th and 13th, 2008 at the Walsall Leather Museum. An international group of specialists experienced in examining stone, bone and environmental remains will contribute, as well as those who have excavated a wide range of skin processing sites, dating from pre-historic times to the nineteenth century. Skin working processes which leave no archaeological remains will also be discussed.

The cost for the two days will be 350 for ALG members and 365 for non-members.

For further details and a booking form, please contact:
Mike Glasson, Leather Museum, Littleton Street West, Walsall, WS2 8EG Tel: 01922 721153 Email: mailto:leathermuseum@walsall.gov.uk

Details of the group, its meetings and publications can be found at http://www.archleathgrp.org.uk/


**Saturday, 12th April**
10.00-10.30 REGISTRATION, COFFEE, etc.
10 30-11.00 Roy Friendship-Taylor Questions, questions, questions: what the archaeologist needs to know
11.00-11.30 Roy Thomson Skin, leather and tanning: some definitions
11.30-11.45 COFFEE
11.45-12.15 Terry O'Connor Bone evidence-title to be announced
12.15-1.00 Allan Hall & Harry Kenward Plant and invertebrate indicators of leather production: from fresh skin = to leather offcuts
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00-2.30 Susanna Harris Preparing skins in pre-history: a review of evidence and approaches
2.30-3.15 Lotta Rahme Tanning with traditional tools and techniques: Inuit, Native American and Sami people
3.15-3.45 Lucy Skinner Traditional tanning techniques as observed at a contemporary Sudanese tannery
3.45-4.00 TEA
4.00-4.45 Carol van Driel Murray Are we missing something? The elusiveness of Roman tanneries
4.45-5.15 Esther Cameron Bits and pieces: leather from Anglo-Saxon contexts

**Sunday, 13th April**
9.30-10.00 Cecily Spall Have we got a parchmenerie? The challenges of identifying leather = working at a dry preserved site
10.00-10.30 Patricia Stevens Archaeology and tanning: the relationship between animals and tanneries
10.30-11.15 Anton Ervynck Everything but the leather: the search for Roman and Medieval tanneries = in Flemish archaeology
11.15-11.30 COFFEE
11.30-12.15 Mike Shaw Late 15th to 17th century tanning in Northampton: the excavation = evidence and some wider research
12.15-1.00 Stephanie Ratkai Tanning and related trades in Birmingham
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00-2.45 Kevin Rielly Bermondsey's leather industry: the archaeological evidence
2.45-3.30 Helen Gomersall Hide and seek-some thoughts on recognising tannery structures
3.30 Close & TEA Location:
Archaeological Leather Group (Walsall, England)