North African Coin Discovered in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Echo: An amateur archaeologist discovered a Roman coin minted in North Africa in a farmer's field near Lincoln, England. A silver denarius dating to 47 B.C.E., the oldest coin ever found in Lincolnshire, was discovered recently by Adge Winstanley, an amateur archaeologist. Using a metal detector, Winstanley chose a site where Roman pottery has been found on a regular basis, but never expected to hit silver. The coin was found under only three inches of soil. Winstanley is the proprietor of Ancient World, in Steep Hill, Lincoln. He said: "Over the years I have found a Bronze age axe head, an Iron age spear and bits of pottery. But this is probably the oldest item I have come across. And to be told it was an extremely rare British find is what I live for." Winstanley will be allowed to keep the coin.

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On a related note, archaeologists working in the area of Lincoln believe there to be a Roman temple just waiting to be discovered. The number of artifacts found very near the surface have led to renewed interest in the area. Read about the investigation at: