[EAS] Spring Crown Tourney

The snows melt, the grass greens, and the buds appear on the trees. The first brave flowers blossom, and it is time to think of the future of our Kingdom. The King and Queen need heirs to Their thrones!

Please join us for the Spring Crown Tournament to be hosted by the Shire of Lyndhaven. The site is CFB Gagetown. The tournament, feast and accomodations are in different buildings, but there will be a shuttle service running during the entire event.

The tourney site is the J7 building at CFB Gagetown, in the town of Oromocto, New Brunswick. The tournament itself will be held in the large and heated drill hall, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather.

The event will stretch over the course of the weekend. On Friday evening, there will be a pre-revel at the CFB Gagetown Maritime Club, with a $5 fee at the door. On Saturday, there will be the tournament to select the heirs, located in the J7 drill hall. There is a vehicle door located off of Cumberland Road to unload and pick up equipment. After unloading equipment, please park in the South Parade Square located across Champlain Road from J7 and then see the event gatekeepers.

There will be merchants on hand with fine wares for sale, an arts and sciences display, a dayboard, youth activities, and entertainers.

A Queen's Tea will be served during the day.

There will be a specialty archery shoot, located in building H12, across the parade square from building J7. Lord Antony of Smithwick is the archery marshal in charge.

Court will be held in the J7 drill hall immediately following the tournament.

A sumptuous feast will be provided at the building A4 hall. The feast will be wet, with a bar opening at 7 pm. Personal alcohol is not permitted to be consumed on the premises.

A post-revel will be provided at the A4 hall, immediately following the feast. There will be a cash bar, which closes at midnight.

A good-bye breakfast will be arranged for Sunday morning at the main dining hall of CFB Gagetown. The price of breakfast is $5.75, paid directly to the cashier at the dining hall.

Flying Directions:
The Fredericton International Airport's designation is YFC. It is only a 10 minute drive from the event site, and shuttles will be made available for event attendees. Please indicate your flights when reserving. If you are flying into the Presque Isle International Airport, please contact the autocrat for the possibility of pick up and drop off service.

Driving Directions:
From the East:
Make your best way to the Trans-Canada (#2) highway heading westbound through New Brunswick. Take exit 303 into Oromocto. Follow the directions listed below.

From the North and West:
Make your best way to the Trans-Canada (#2) highway heading south (eastbound) through New Brunswick. Take exit 303 into Oromocto. Follow the directions listed below.

From the South:
Head up the I95 highway through Maine to the New Brunswick border. You will now be on the provincial 95 highway. At its end, take the eastbound Trans-Canada (#2) highway heading south (eastbound) through New Brunswick. Take exit 303 into Oromocto. Follow the directions listed below.

From all points after taking exit 303:
Turn right at the end of the off ramp. You are now heading north on Miramichi Road. Take the 12 o'clock exit through each of the first two traffic circles to stay on Miramichi. At the four-way stop, continue straight. At the third traffic circle, take the 3 o'clock exit to turn onto St. Lawrence Avenue. You should now be heading east. You should arrive at the main gate of CFB Gagetown at the intersection of St. Lawrence Avenue and Broad Road. Continue straight into the base. You are now on Tilley Road. Please note the 30 km/h zone inside the gates. The speed limit will soon be 50 km/h. Speeding is strongly discouraged on base, so please stay below 50 km/h.

If you are unloading equipment:
Take a right onto Turner Road, and then a left onto Cumberland Road. Look for the SCA sign on the left side. After you have unloaded your equipment, turn right when leaving the parking lot. Turn right at Turner Road, and then right again at Tilley Road. Continue with the directions below.

If you are not unloading equipment:
Look for the SCA sign on your right. Turn right, and enter the large parking lot (the South Parade Square). Park as close to the southern side of the parade square as possible. Look for the SCA sign to enter the building.

Event Website: http://www.eastkingdom.info/lyndhaven/crown_tourney

At-a-Glance Event Information

Building J7, CFB Gagetown
Champlain Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 4J5

Site Opens: 8:00 pm, Friday
Site Closes: Noon, Sunday

Event Fees:
Site : The event fee is CAD$11 for adults (18 or more years old), and CAD$5 for youth (under 18 years old). Babes in arm are free.

The pre-revel has a fee of CAD$5 and the good-bye breakfast costs CAD$5.75. Both are paid at the door.

For those from the Northern Shores, please make sure your payments for reservations are received before the deadline of Monday, April 21st.

For guests from "south of the border", we are extending you the courtesy of paying at the gate, in Canadian funds. However, if you still wish to pre-pay, then please send an international money order in Canadian funds. I have been told they are available at all local U.S. Post Offices. Please do not send U.S. cheques.

The deadline for reservations is Monday, April 21st, 2008.

Feast: The feast fee is CAD$9 for adults (18 or more years old), and CAD$5 for youth (under 18 years old). As the feast hall will have a bar, anyone under the age of 19 must be accompanied by a responsible adult guardian.

The deadline for feast reservations is Monday, April 21st, 2008.

Send reservations to:
Conogan mab Rioc
email: conoganmabrioc@yahoo.ca

Please also send your reservation information to our gate stewardess, Lady Cat of Lennox. email: catlennox@yahoo.com

Conogan mab Rioc
email: conoganmabrioc@yahoo.ca

Other Contact Information:
On-site accommodations:
Lady Effric Campbel
email: lee-annjohnson@rogers.com

Please include mundane names, ages, and genders for everyone needing a bed. No one under the age of 18 may stay in an on-site bed.

Feast Steward:
Gebeidster Mergriet van Wijenhorst
email: nitty_kitty@hotmail.com

Dayboard Coordinator:
Lady Moriath Fitzgerald of Kildare
email: gilletde@nb.sympatico.ca

Merchants Coordinator:
Elizabeth of Cathair Dubh
email: ejburtt2003@yahoo.ca

Children's Activities:
Doccia Vacha
email: amyt@delicat.ca

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Shire of Lyndhaven Location:
Shire of Lyndhaven (Oromocto, New Brunswick)