Sylvan Bard to be Chosen by AEthelmearc Royalty at Celtic New Year

It has been announced by Their Majesties Rurik and Elspeth of AEthelmearc, that Their Sylvan Bard will be chosen at Celtic New Year in Sunderoak (Slippery Rock, PA) on Novermber 9, 2002. On the AEthelmearc list, Gwendolyn the Graceful made the following announcement:


The AEthelmearc College of Bards is pleased to announce that Their Royal Majesties, Rurik Longsword and Elspeth Turnbull, will choose their Sylvan Bard at the Celtic New Year on November 9 in Sunderoak (Slippery Rock, PA - see event announcement for event details).

Their Majesties have chosen a new format for this selection, and we hope everyone will find it as much fun as we think it sounds. ALL THOSE who are interested in becoming Sylvan Bard are asked to send us an email or mail us a 3X5 card that includes your name and a list of those areas in which you feel you have particular bardic talent (i.e., poetry, storytelling, magic, juggling, etc.). Then, come to Celtic New Year and check in with the Bardic College representatives there. You will be given a badge so TRM's can easily identify you as a candidate. Throughout the day, Their Majesties will randomly ask each bard to perform. They may ask for a specific mood or format, or they may leave the choice up to you, so it might be wise to prepare for a variety of venues and/or styles.

The College is especially pleased to remind potential candidates that the Bardic Arts encompasses all the performing arts, and that in this reign of Peace, the court may seek various forms of entertainment. On behalf of Her Majesty in particular, we would especially like to encourage bards whose talents include the abilities of jesters, jongleurs, magicians, and puppeteers, in addition to those who focus on the ars poetica. (One can never be sure what the mood will be, but we offer a broad hint that TRM's have a taste for cheery pieces, and that this is, again, a Peace reign, after all.)

In order to prepare for this selection, please make our lives easier by sending an email to Michael Alewright (, with your name, local group, and any categories of skills you want to specify. Or, you can send a 3X5 card with your information to him c/o Michael Greenstein, 2354 Eldridge Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. We will try to accommodate "day-of" decisions to audition, but there is no guarantee that there will be opportunity for last-minute entrants. Their Majesties would prefer to have a chance to consider the candidates' "3x5s of intent" prior to November 9.

Once you declare your desire to audition, decide which stories, tricks, jokes, or other performances you will prepare. Per Their Majesties' wish, please keep each piece within 5 minutes of performing time - consider this a challenge that "less is more." Come to Celtic New Year, and be prepared to entertain Their Majesties upon request. Again, everywhere and everywhen is fair game, so plan accordingly. Everyone will get to perform at least one piece, though more may be possible depending on the number of participants and how much fun everyone is having with the process.

Last, we ask you to remember that the Sylvan Bard is one of the Royal Champions, whose duties include regularly attending Their Majesties, being a highly visible representative of the Bardic community in Aethelmearc, and organizing the selection of your successor. Auditioning for the position represents your commitment to fulfill it if you are selected. Please direct any questions about the position to any of us whose names appear below.

We're very excited about this event and hope the assembled bards of the kingdom are also looking forward to this selection process. Also, as time is short, please help by posting this announcement where you think it will reach performers who hope to be the next Sylvan Bard. Word of mouth will help greatly as well.

In service to Kingdom and College, we remain,

Brion Enkazi
Gwendolyn the Graceful
Maeve Ronan
Michael Alewright

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