[EAL] Break the Back of Winter VIII

Let it be Known that the time has come agian to Break the Back of Winter. Break the Back of Winter the 8th: Fondest Memories is Just around the corner.

Date: March 8th 2008
Time: 11 am to 10 pm
Location: Canton of Greyfells, St. Margarets United Church, Kingston.
Autocrat: Lady Moira ni Namara of Greyfells
Co-Autocrat: Lord William MacGrioghair

Site: 8$/ adult, 4$/ 12 & under, Free/ 3 & under
Feast: 12$ / seat
Classes: may have a small fee

Reservations ( or to send photos if you can't email them):
Lord William ( Nicholas Pike) npike4@cogeco.ca

Feast Steward: Lady Lerthan (previously Lady Roan)

The theme is fondest memories. As such all are asked to bring an item which holds fond significance to them from their lives in the SCA, in keeping with the theme if the memory associated is from 20 years ago or from Greyfells or from both then all the better! Those who wish will be encouraged to share the stories behind their items during Feast!

There will be assorted classes to sign up for during the day. They will reflect the arts and science legacy of Greyfells,and topics will be those practiced by Grefellians former and current! Possible topics include, Calligraphy and Illumination, Dancing, Costuming, Cooking and Archery.

Lastly in the theme, if you have pictures of past times in Greyfells that you would be willing to share I am trying to put together a memory mentage. If you could scan them and send them to xentric20@yahoo.ca, with a decription of the scene and an approximate date, it would be _Greatly_ appreciated Thankyou!

Martial Activities:
Similarly to last year, there will be martial activities occuring at the event. Both heavy combat and Rapier will be occuring. The Rapier combat will occur indoors. The Heavy combat will be outdoors. If the weather prevents fighting out of doors, one on one combat will take place indoors.

Rapier Marshal in attendance : Lord Neythairt.
Heavy Combat Marshal in attendance: His Excellency Baron Derfel.

There is a nursery on site with many toys available. I will also bring my box of general childrens activities, but sadly as I am autocrating the event there will be no focused childrens area. As such the chidlrens room is an unsupervised area and parents will be expected to be aware of thier children at all times. I am planning on running a class for children which can be signed up for.

Lunch: There will be a lunch table run by Lord Robert the Blue. The cost is per item but a hearty lunch can be obtained for approx 5$. Menu will be posted with feast menu. For those wishing to eat off site there are many options near by including a Loblaws, Quiznos and a Wendy's.

Feast: Theme Greyfells favorites. The Favorite recipies aof Greyfells cooks part and present will be combined to a culinary masterpeice full of nostalgia! Menu TBA I will send an update once this is solidly in place.

Take your best route to the 401, follow the 401 to Kignston and leave at the Sir John A MacDonald south Exit 615. Follow Sir John A MacDonald until you see St. Margarets United church on your Left ( across from Loblaws). Parking is at the back of the church. This is the same site used for Skraeling 12th Night

For a map from the 401 see: http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=690+S...

Thank you all please forward and questions or concerns to Lady Moira ni Namara ( MKA Shannon Carswell) xentric20@yahoo.ca Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston, Ontario)