[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice VI

We would like to dedicate NFFP VI to a very special topic: Fighting in wars. If you have never experienced a war before or want to get into that feeling before Nibelungen, this is your chance to practice battles, melees, a woods battle and different drills to get you into war mode.

The Shire of the Two Seas invites all Fighters from Near and Far to our Fighter Practice in Hamburg on July 19th, this time with a special focus on war. The fighting will take place during the whole day in a secluded area of the Hamburg Stadtpark. We plan for all types of war scenarios, including a woods battle (weather and number of visitors permitting). If you do not want to come without your consorts, there will surely be some A&S, either with a picnic in the Park or in the hall in which we will eat together in the evening.

This is an unofficial one-day event. Garb is not required, but please bring feast gear for lunch in the Stadtpark and dinner in the hall. Crash space can be arranged easily if you want to arrive earlier.

For the Fighting: Stadtpark Hamburg, Larpwiese. Stay tuned for details

should be no more than 8 Euro for lunch and dinner

Event Steward
Odindisa Bragisdottir

Reservation Steward
Katherina Mornewegh

Marshal in Charge
Willliam Gifford
cgelszus@gmx.net Location:
Shire of the Two Seas (Hamburg, Germany)