[NOR] Mermaid's Retreat XV

Come one, Come all and help celebrate the 15th Annual Mermaid's retreat!! More fun, more battles, more celebrating!

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Rd.
Valders, Wisconsin 54245

!!Public Demo Saturday from 10am - 4pm Please try to remain in high persona AND completely dry during demo!!

Miss Mermaid Contest - Oyez! Oyez! All fair maids! Take a chance and be crowned Miss Mermaid 2008. Our 2007 winner will be on hand to help crown the new maid.

The rules:

  • Any maid or matron (or if you attempt to look like one) may enter.
  • Be aware that mermaids, being magical creatures, may be seen on land with actual legs! Therefore, a tail is not a requirement.
  • Please be adorned in some manner that will make the judges think,"huh..a mermaid might wear that"

Period Food Fear Factor - Back by popular demand!
For those creative cooks in our Kingdom-bring your favorite "Wow, they used to eat that?" food and see the strongest among us fall like the weakest plague victim. Must have documentation and copy of original recipe - please pre-register by 5/25/08 with Francesca *Think you can handle anything? Sign up as a victim..or I mean..participant in our Fear Factor competition.

How many Feathers in the Herald's Hat?
If you've ever seen our Herald's hat you've probably wondered yourself how many feathers can you put in one hat? We've finally convinced him to count and the best guess will win a prize!

Wall Siege for all ages
Be the first to breach your enemies wall and gain the prestige of your peers and maybe a prize.

Fortune telling - The band of Gypsies has grown and has threatened to invade the area again!

Armored Events-

  • Woodland Battle- various battles
  • Battle for Mermaids Favor - Presented to the winning knight by our Miss Mermaid winner
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons - See our finest polish up for the next battle
  • Noble's Hunt - Akin to a common fox hunt, but with a twist. Combat Archers Unite! No animals will be harmed.
  • Rapier - pending marshal

    A & S Display and Competition - From apprentice to teacher, bring your wares

    Please be generous and donate an item to the auction 50% of funds raised will go to the travel fund for the crown

    Children's Activities

    • Scavenger hunt - with prizes
    • Bardic for Beginners - we'll learn a couple of period Childrens songs.
    • Paint your own Shield - with full battle gear to protect kids from the paint
    And...whatever else sounds fun

    Event Steward:
    Lady Francesca di Angelo
    E-mail: hsetrinitynorth@yahoo.com

    Site and Merchant Reservations:
    Lady Anastasia Griselda McCoy
    E-mail: whtvenus@charter.net

    Site and Reservation Information-
    Site is partially handicapped accessible
    Showers are available

    Site: $15 members - children 1/2 price $1 dollar off per person if preregistered by 4/30/08 Non-members add $3.00 Family discounts!!

    Tent fee: $5 - per tent - not per person
    Cabins: $25 Sleeps 4 and has electricity!

    Merchant fees: $25 or $12 with a quality

    http://www.sheboygan-sca.org/mer2008.html Location:
    Shire of Turm an dem See (Valders, Wisconsin )