Cloudcroft Renaissance Fantasy Faire

Faire located outside of Cloudcroft, New Mexico in a forest mountain area 9,000 feet above sea level.

The Renaissance Faire today, Saturday

After spending $8.00 to get in ($4.00 parking and $2.00 each admission) there was nothing going on for a couple of hours at least. We sat around. This "Renaissance Faire" was poorly organized, no period play acting took place, events were all scheduled for afternoon, what little events were scheduled. This was unlike ANY Renaissance Faire we've attended, where there was something pertaining to the Renaissance period occuring throughout the day. There was NOTHING on the schedule that even fit into a Renaissance Faire, except for "maybe" the jousting (if there were horses and we didn't see any); certainly not belly dancing or art contests, or snake charmers, pet costume contests, group photos, vendors in a row, etc. Where were the actors, the wench sales, the food, the interacting with guests, the proper setting (e.g.: Sherwood Forest), Old English signs pointing to various activities (which were non-existent)??? Very poorly done. The organizers need to attend a REAL Renaissance Faire in upstate New York, to see how it's done, before they attempt another one. We left early because nothing was happening. Sorry. Shirley