Pennsic Rapier Champions Featured on Photo Page

Lord Liam of the East Kingdom has posted photos by Don Brokk Jarlsson of the Pennsic 32 Rapier Champions Battle. Fans of light fighting will want to take a look at Don Brokk Jarlsson's photos, posted by Lord Liam, of the Rapier Champions Battle from Pennsic 32. Clicking on each picture brings up more photos.

Thanks to these two fine gentles for sharing the photographs!

Ummmmmm . . . .

I only wish I could take credit for these.

Don Brokk Jarlsson took all of the photos (except the ones he appears in).

He is the King's Champion of Fence and drove 10+ hours late in War Week to do what he considered "his job."

He is very, very cool.

I didn't take many pictures.


Re: Ummmmmm . . . .

I've made the correction in the story. Thanks for pointing out the error.


Re: Ummmmmm . . . .

It would have been cool if his "job" included winning his match.