Aviculture Classes Announced for BBM EKU

Lady Biya, guildmistress of the Company of Medieval Aviculturists, is pleased to announce she will be teaching three classes this year's East Kingdom University at Barony Beyond the Mountain on April 5th.

These three classes will be the first in the SCA focusing on the arts and sciences of aviculture, that is, the keeping of birds for companionship.

These first three classes will be:

Survey to Medieval Parrot Aviculture: An introduction to parrots. We'll look at medieval parrot culture and how medieval belief persists today. It sorts our concepts of these birds from the reality, fact from fiction, starting with each student's individual ideas of what a parrot is. Students will learn what parrots are and discover the species most commonly kept in Europe and Asia. We'll talk a little about food and nutrition and about toys and why they were and are important with parrots.

Falconry verses Aviculture: Birds played an important part in medieval life. Trade in parrots, hawks, and falconry equipment was big business. Yet it is easy in modern times to confuse the two arts. In this class you'll learn to distinguish hawks from companion birds, falconry from aviculture, and see just how distinctly different these two vibrant arts and sciences really were while gaining appreciation for both.

More Than Mimics: Medieval Parrots and Parrot Communication: Parrots just mimic what we say, right? In period they thought so. In this class we'll discuss period attitudes towards the parrot ability to learn our language while practicing hands-on how to communicate better with them. A must for anyone who has a parrot, knows one, or wants one someday.

For more information about these classes, please email Lady Biya at aisinbiya@gmail.com. The full event listing can be found at http://eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1471