SCA Barbie

The Shire of Ravensweir in An Tir has posted a brilliant "advertisement" for SCA Barbie, a doll who comes with a variety of accessories, friends and equipment.

The concept of SCA Barbie, here called Barbara du Mattel, apparently generated lots of ideas for costumes, accessories and scenarios including "The Court Scenario Set (complete with thrones, pavillions, chairs, banners, scrolls [both finished and unfinished], swords for the court members behind the thrones, tabards, cushions for kneeling upon).


The Executioner's Scenario Set (complete with stocks, axe, chopping block, head-catching basket, hangman's noose and beam, clean-up rags and black mask)."

Disclaimer from the website: The advertisement on this page is for entertainment purposes only. To the best knowledge of the website publisher, this product does not actually exist.