Armor and Tools Stolen from Meridies Merchant

On Saturday August 16, Talan, an SCA merchant in the Memphis, Tennessee area, was robbed. Thieves stole tools and SCA armor. Duchess Ilissa of Meridies has forwarded the following message from Shadow Legion in the Memphis, TN area:

Hi Guys,

Talan's shop was broken into between Saturday night & today. He lost all of his tools - a Stanley four drawer tool box full of all of the tools that he needs in order to do his job. Hundreds of dollars worth of sockets, hand tools, and everything under the sun is GONE.

To make this even worse, the idiots grabbed the armour bag also.

Talan has very very distinctive armour. His face helm gets quite a few comments wherever he goes. It has a tongue sticking out that is pierced. The arms & legs are splinted and very nicely done. The kidney belt is a large leather piece that is banded with plates & has half moon shapes & a small shield on the back. The belt is studded with little rivets all along the outside edge. Everything (and I mean everything) was taken. This is a custom set of armour that would cost someone thousands of dollars to replace.

While I do not suspect that someone within society took the armour, I can't help thinking that it may show up either at an event or on eBay.

Also, I have pictures of his armour if anyone would like to see them.

If you have any information about this armor, please contact Kali at

Please forward this on to every SCA list on which you are a member. I really want to get the word out there.

other thefts

I am sorry that I have no news of Talan's merchandise. More troubling still, it sounds like he was just one victim of many. A merchant friend of mine from Delaware, camping in singles' camping this past war, was robbed of his entire Pennsic earnings plus tools on the last Friday night as he slept inside his tent. When he reported the theft, he was told by Security that there had been a rash of identical thefts--items and money (only cash) stolen from pouches, then the pouches returned/discarded. Acquaintances in Clan Kindred of the Wolf told another friend that someone had been robbing late-night Bog/Swamp wanderers, even cutting purses/pouches off of belts.

This sort of crime hurts both individuals and the Society atmosphere as a whole. Will this be a focus of security next year, or is there nothing, really, that we can do?

Petronella Lockheart