Victors at Estrella War can make Populace Pennants!!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan offers Her final informational post for Estrella War XXIV with the announcement of the victors and their rights to make and display pennants.

Her Grace writes:

Victors at Estrella War can make Populace Pennants!!

At Estrella War XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008), Allied Realm I (the Kingdoms of Atenveldt and Caid and their allies), and Allied Realm II (the Kingdoms of the Outlands and Artemisia and their allies) met in competition for the Right of Their populace to make and display four Victory Pennants:

  1. The Estrella War XXIV Armored Combat Victory Pennant
  2. The Estrella War XXIV Arts & Sciences Victory Pennant
  3. The Estrella War XXIV Archery Victory Pennant
  4. The Estrella War XXIV Rapier Victory Pennant

To see the victorious Allied Realm in each of these areas, and get instructions on how the populace of a victorious Allied Realm can make one of these four Victory Pennants to display, click on "original article" below.

A preliminary gate count is also provided on that page of the website.

The Main Event Coordinators wish to thank everyone who attended Estrella War XXIV, and all who volunteered to make the event a success. A feedback form will soon be available on the website so attendees can comment on the event. The Estrella War XXIV (2008 autocrats) can be contacted at mains2008@ [OMIT SPACES]. The Estrella War XXV (2009 autocrats) can be contacted at mains2009@ [OMIT SPACES].

Planning now begins for Estrella War XXV (Feb 10-16, 2009)! Please watch the website for information. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP
(Katie Richardson)
Acting Kingdom Media Officer, Kingdom of Atenveldt Mattkatie2@ [OMIT
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