[EAL] Spring Tune Up V: Septentria's 30th Birthday

That's right, Septentria is going to be 30 this year! To kick off the year long celebration, come and join us at Spring Tune Up V-Septentria's 30th Birthday! This will be a 3 day GREAT HALL event. This means that our guests will be invited to spend the night in Caer Draeth's spacious great hall. Bring your blankets, sleeping bags, or maybe a cot to sleep on. Sleeping areas will be communal but what the heck, that's what they did in the real Middle Ages.

Tents: You don't need em-you'll be sleeping in the great hall!

Food: We do the cooking!

Fun: Take all you want-we'll just make more!

Just think, a long weekend where you don't need your tent or space heaters and some one else does the cooking and cleaning! What more could you want!

Join us for light refreshments at the Friday night bardic circle. Let the night be filled with song and story. Share tales of Septentria's past, glory in her future, then nestle down for the night in the great hall.

Wake each morning to breakfast by Caer Draeth's Dancing Bear Tavern and spend the day pursuing all the things that make Spring Tune Up great. ALL DAY fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, minor combat, A&S classes and more! Refresh yourselves at our lunch counter each day and then play some more!

MERCHANTS-Set up your space on Friday night and stay set up ALL WEEKEND!

Join us for a fabulous feast-The NIGHT OF THE 30 DISHES!

Wile away a few hours in our gaming tavern (open all weekend). Spend some coin on merchants row. Take an A&S class or two!

Shoot the cloth yard shaft at one of the many archery tournaments-including a SATURDAY NIGHT SHOOT!

For details please go to http://ca.geocities.com/vanheef/CDupEvent.htm or contact one of our event staff

Menus from the Dancing Bear: Streonwold Wulfesbana streonwold@gmail.com
Reservations for Feast: Fallon of Caer Draeth lady_english2@yahoo.ca
Event Steward: Seonag nic Thomais sandra.benetti@sympatico.ca
Archery: Michael of Brentwood new_knite@yahoo.ca Location:
Caer Draeth (Cookstown, Ontario)