"Magna Carta and the World of King John" at Penn State

The Magna Carta will be the focus of this year's Medieval Conference at Pennsylvania State University March 28-29, 2008. The conference will "examine various groups and institutions of that society, in attempt to fill in the background of the Great Charter: the world of King John, and additional sessions will deal with teaching about Magna Carta and its time period.

Scheduled speakers:

  • Barbara Hanawalt, Ohio State University
  • David Crouch, University of Hull
  • James Brundage, University of Kansas
  • James Masschaele, Rutgers University
  • Janet Loengard, Moravian College
  • John Hudson, University of St. Andrews, (Scotland)
  • Ralph V. Turner, Florida State University
  • ReGena DeAragon, Gonzaga University
  • John Gillingham, London School of Economics and Political Science

For more information, contact Vickie Ziegler, Director, Center for Medieval Studies, Penn State University VLZ1@psu.edu or her research assistant, Laurie Rizzo (ljk137@psu.edu), or visit the website by clicking "original article" below.