Ren Rats - An online comic strip

Ren Rats is a comic strip updated three days a week online. It centers around the adventures (and misadventures) of eight Medieval re-enactors and the organization to which they belong, the Kutztown University Medieval-Renaissance Club.

The eight main characters are Sue, who doubles as the noblewoman Alexa de Croix. Jen, also known as pirate captain Morgen Ni'Calleigh. Brian, also pirate captain Joffrey du Made. Dave, the gypsy Tevian cel Betiv. Mike, also known as crooked alchemist Matthew Reyne. Jay, gypsy leader Vicol cel Rau. General, or Petreko cel Cumplit. And, last but not least, Piz...who has yet to figure out what the hell he's doing there at all.

The strip chronicles their exploits and antics as they apply a Medieval way of thinking to contemporary life. The comic updates with new installments every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.