Day of Blood

DAY of BLOOD, March 29th, 2008 Now that the Shire of Hrafnafjordr has awoken from its winter rest, we would like invite all to take part in our annual Day of Blood tournament. This event will again feature a heavy prize tourney, A&S contest of best roman footwear, a Roman Chariot Race, and we will again call for a champion of the shire. Yes that means two heavy tourneys (Blood, Blood, Blood)!

Also, anyone wishing to purchase a lovely Shire T-shirt may do so at this event (approx $15), you don't want to be left out....... or do you? The site chosen is quaint and we will only be charging a $3 member fee (NMS addition $3). No food will be provided, but the site will be wet and include FIRE. All those wishing to seek shelter may contact the autocrat, Amber of Hrafnafjordr

Directions: Make your best way through Soldotna on the Sterling Hwy. Turn Right on K-Beach follow straight through the Bridge Access stop light. Look for signs, turn left at Eastway (Robinson's Mini Mall) Follow the trail of blood!

Site Opens: 11am
Site Closes: Sunday 30th, 12pm Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Soldotna, Alaska)