Crossbows and "Samurai Swords" to be Banned in Victoria, Australia

The Age: The State Government of Victoria, Australia, has announced a ban on crossbows and "samurai swords." New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins called for a national ban on crossbows at the Australasian Police Ministers Council in Melbourne, following a crossbow attack in April in which two teenage girls were injured. A former student was jailed last year after almost severing the arm of a teenager with a samurai sword at a party in 2000.

In Victoria, a police exemption could be given to enable sportspeople or collectors to own crossbows, said Police Minister Andre Haermeyer. "It is about making them generally unavailable to those people who just want to carry them around, either for self-defence or to commit deliberately aggressive acts," he said.


When are they going to ban automobiles, as well. After all, people have driven automobiles through crowd, killing many people. We practice archery at a public range that bans crossbows, but allows compound bows, that are much more powerful. I guess it is all a matter of emotion. Randy Colby

If crossbows are outlawed...

...then only outlaws will have crossbows.

(Sorry -- I couldn't resist.)