"Otzi" Died in Combat

A prehistoric iceman discovered by archaeologists in the Italian Alps and nicknamed "Otzi" may have been killed in combat. Scientists have been running tests on Otzi, the Iceman who was discovered in a glacier in northern Italy, and now believe that he may have died fighting. Otzi died from an arrow in the back, but apparently not without having put up a good fight. DNA tests now show that traces of blood on his clothing came from at least four different people.

The oldest mummy ever unearthed, the nearly perfectly-preserved man has offered a wealth of study opportunities to scientists and scholars.

The Discovery Channel (http://dsc.discovery.com/) will air a documentary, Iceman: Hunt for a Killer, on Sunday, August 24, at 9:00 p.m. US Eastern time and 9:00 p.m. US Pacific time. This documentary is about the search for the culprit in Otzi's untimely death. A photo album is posted at http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/iceman/evidence/evidence.html .

To read the entire CNN story, visit the website linked from the headline above.

Coulda been worse, coulda been Fox...

Even the relatively lay scientific media, including Sci Am and the like, have reported every step of the way that though he appears to have come from a more-advanced-than-expected culture (and what to *we* keep drilling into people's heads?), that he died alone.

Letsee CNN is hyping a news story that its own "scientists" contradicting all other finds about the body, all truth to be bared not in a juried journal but on a TBSimeConglomerate product.

Has Time put it on the front page yet - "Scientists Tracking Down Deadest of the Dead Cases" and Justice: In a case stradling international boundaries that did not exist when the crime was committed, what court does one look to? while People explores "Fashions of the Prehistoric" and the various folks chosen to play in the feature-length Turner Studios movie "The Second Oldest Sin". SI archers duplicate his bow and go hunting.

Tie-in books from coffee-table "LIFE goes to the Ice Fields, featuring entire "villages" and "languages" and social mores extracted by "scientists" studying the bod and its surroundings (and built as sets for the movie) to several series from cloak-rippers to kiddie edicational popup books produced by the book divisions and reviewed on CNN, other Turner channels and all those mags.

AOL puts out a special 200,000 hours free (if used in the first week) sign-up CD including "parental controled - age appropriate sites" on the Iceman.

Meanwhile, DVDs of the movie and of the TV special, and directors' cuts of same along with DVD-ROMS featuring micrographic qiality CATScans, MRIs, films shot at autopsy and macro -> micro closeups of the bod and EVERYTHING found with it for the home science fans to various games and music "inspired by what life must have been like back then" created on the latest polyphonic synth gear fill the air with more:

ads, reviews and related projects on CNN & Time & .......