Major Upgrade to Software

We are pleased to present a major enhancement of the web site!

The content management system (CMS), the software that controls the web site and manages all of the stories and other data, has been completely replaced with a brand-new CMS. This allows us to introduce a host of new features, including

Topical Catalog
From now on, stories will be cataloged into topic areas. The topics are divided up by subject area, by organizational entities (kingdoms, shires, households, etc.), and by historical period and culture. Each story can have multiple topics, and other areas of the site besides stories will be cataloged using the same system.
Event Calendar
The long-awaited event calendar is here at last! Advertise your living history events across the Known World.
Web Links Directory
It's virtually empty now, but now offers a hierarchical directory of web links similar to the one found at Yahoo!.
Book Reviews
Read a good book about history lately? Share your review with's readers.
More Personal Account Options
You can add more information to your personal account if you want to, and we will be providing a member directory that shows your "public" information such as your SCA name and personal web URL, if you choose to enter this information (to protect your privacy, the public fields are optional so you can leave them blank if you wish).

We certainly hope you will enjoy all the new features that have been added. Even more are coming in the very near future.

All of the existing stories from the old have been moved to the new system. Personal user accounts have also been moved, although we regret that we had to reset the passwords on accounts where the owner didn't respond to our administrative notice from Friday. The accounts were moved, but they now have randomly-assigned passwords. If you find that you can't login to your account, please send an email to and we will reset the password for you. (Note: Do not send your password through email!)

With any software upgrade of this size and complexity, there are bound to be technical problems. Please be patient for a couple of days as we work out the bugs. If you find a persistent problem that is not being addressed, send an email to to report it.

Thanks to all the staff and loyal readers who have made successful! We look forward to bringing you even more site improvements in the future.


Iustinos Tekton called Justin, Publisher and Webmaster