[LOC] Second Anniversary Feast and Tourney

Come, join with Radburne in celebrating our Anniversary with feasting and fighting as we commence our third year - this year it becomes tradition!

The feast will be held on Saturday 19 April 2008 at CWA Halls, Wingewarra Street, Dubbo. Doors will open at 5.30pm. An attempt at pre-1600 clothing is be required. Limited clothing will be available from the Hospitaller. A night of diverse entertainment and pleasures will follow good food, make new friends and reacquaint with the not so new! Entertainment with include dancing, a play and the Radburne Bardic challenge - a poem, a tale or a song to win the prize.

The tourney will be held on Sunday 20 April 2008 at Ollie Robbins Oval with armour inspection at 9.00-9.30am with the final bouts concluding around 12-1pm. It will be an opportunity to see the skill and mastery of the rapier and heavy formats of SCA fighting.

Bookings will be accepted up to the 15 April 2008 with limited tickets available at the door at a higher price. Members Price: $23, Non-members and Public Price: $24, Children (6-14): Half-price, Families: POA. Please fill out the appropriate booking form (SCA member or general attendee) and send to the address on the forms. If you have any queries please email the Steward. If you would like to help us in any way to celebrate our Anniversary feast and Tourney please also email the Steward. Location:
Shire of Radburne (Dubbo, New South Wales)