Gulf Wars XVII to feature Known World Party

Known World Party Steward THL Charles de Bourbon has announced that Carnivale in Venice, The Knowne World Party, will take place at the upcoming Gulf Wars XVII.

His Lordship writes:

Come and join us as Gleann Abhann, Meridies, Ansteorra and Trimaris host the best party in the Knowne World at the War without Enemies! Revelers at this year's known world party will find themselves transported to Venice in the season of Carnivale.

Party goers will find themselves immersed in a world of courtesans and bards; clowns and courtiers; feasting and fun; masks, masques, and mayhem, jugglers and fire spinners; madness and mingling; and a surplus of good will and merrymaking for all that revel this night and celebrate Carnivale!

This feast for the senses begins as you enter into the city gate of Venice and are greeted by the Courtesans and the masquers who offer the coin and jewels that the Crowns have given as largess to the party-goers.

You will be guided by scents of delectable food prepared by the famous House Blackstar of Atlantia, and there will be beverage stations to suit many tastes.

The delights don't stop there, now that you have sated your hunger and thirst, you see gondolas and performers of every sort.....for these gondolas will serve as the stages from which the KNOWNE WORLD BARDIC DISPLAY will take place.

We invite you to come in mask and would love to see many people dressed in the Italian style to enhance the mood of the evening. You will feel utterly transported and we promise this is a night not to be missed!

We will need lots of help to help make this a great event for everyone.If you would like to volunteer to help as an actor, a server or be on the decorating committee, please contact:

Known World Party Steward
THL Charles de Bourbon


Assistant Known World Party Steward
Duchess Mary-Grace of Gatland

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It would be a good idea if

It would be a good idea if this article listed the date and time of the event. It's Friday, March 14 at 9pm.