Medieval Trivia

Medieval Trivia is a list for SCA, other related reenactment groups, and just general folk focusing on but not limited to Medieval Trivia and general "Gee-Whiz" information (not to mention sometimes humor) about both the Middle Ages and Renaissance period.

This forum fills a unique niche and has been around for over a half a decade and was created for no other reason than solely as a labor-of-love on my part and has no other agenda than education and entertainment. Please keep in mind that you may find it very quiet here sometimes but do not let that fool ya as this is often followed by an exploding fury of frenetic posting activity! If at that time we get too busy for you we can show you how to switch to either digest view or web view only from this site.

Expect eclectic chat dialog as we have some pretty knowledgeable folk here with some very real academic credentials!

On topic website link contributions to both the list and *especially* to our voluminous 'links' section are welcomed and greatly encouraged!

Please also understand that web links selling reenactor items and sundry are not considered "spam" here but are on topic as resources and are often trivial (and amusing) information in and of themselves if they are not reposted excessively. I confess I have always had a soft spot for SCA and Renn merchants ok?

We ask that any "controversial" debate topics (usually religion, modern day politics and a few other items not universally accepted as polite discussion topics at many supper tables) that appear to be excessively dominating the forum be carried over to our Medieval Debates sister list at the pleasure of those involved when politely asked to do so by the moderator(s) and others please.