[ANT] Shittimwoode Ithra

The catalog is nearing completion and we should be ready to start registration next week! Are you excited? There are lots of core classes available on this one, so if you're working towards your Lectors, you will be able to take a few, including Intro to the SCA, Graphic Heraldry, Castles & Fortifications, Survey of Medieval Arts, Survey of Medieval Sciences, Chivalry & Etiquette, Field & Court Heraldry, and Survey of Medieval Games!

We also have several new and infrequently-taught classes, like History of Bagpipes! History of Textiles! Accommodating the Disabled at Events! Making Silver Finger Rings! Fingerloop Braiding!

And more fun classes you may have seen before (but didn't get a chance to take), like Tourney Kitchens & Cooking in the SCA! Ballads & Folk Songs! Persona Development! Favors & Tokens! Timepieces and Time Keeping! Byzantine Costume! Russian Costume! Mongolian Life & Customs! And much, much more!

And Fighters! We haven't forgotten you! Basic Skill at Arms, and Fiore's Flower of Battles will also be offered! Archers--we'll show you how to set up an archery range!

Watch for a future announcement letting you know that it's time to register! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: klostheller@verizon.net.

In Service to Ithra and learning,

Helene de Navarre, GdS, Red Flame of Tir Righ
Chancellor of Ithra, Borderlands
Shittimwoode Ithra, March 22-23
Aquaterra Ithra, April 5-6

http://www.antir.sca.org/Upcoming/?Event_ID=1984 Location:
Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham, Washington)