[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice

Once again it's time for the Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice in the wonderful lands of Baerenau. This time the Shire of Baerenau invites all interested Fighters and Non-Fighters to the beautiful mountains of the Harz in the heart of Germany!!!

It will take place as a part of a mundane event called the parade of history (die Parade der Geschichte http://www.parade-der-geschichte.de see some pictures from last year). There we can show our skills in A&S, medieval combat or just be present and live the dream as usual.

For fighting we are planning: first a practice then a bear pit tourney, followed by a "please the Ladies" and finally a torch-lit rose tourney and a few other surprises.

Our feast will be a big delicious barbecue!

We offer the opportunity of buying and selling medieval items. (If you are interested in selling, please give us a shout)

Date: 23rd of May to 25th of May 2008

Address: on the fabric area of the Firm KNAUF Deutsche Gipswerke K6, Haupstrasse 72 in Rottleberode

Site opens on Friday 19:00 and closes Sunday 20:00.

If you arrive on Saturday, you have to be on site until 9:00 am, as the event opens for visitors at 10:00 am. The space is limited and only medieval tents are allowed, that's why we need your reservation as soon as possible, the event includes a show on Saturday and Sunday and closes for visitors at 18:00 on Sunday, attendees can not leave before 16:00 on Sunday!

There will be limited crash space, showers, a fireplace and the possibility to use power.

Adults: 15 Euro per person
Kids younger than 12 years: 6 Euro
Kids younger than 6 years: free
Site fees includes breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday and breakfast, lunch and light dinner on Sunday.

The site is limited, please send your reservation to anke.schlieker@web.de !

Anke die Baerenfaengerin (Anke Schlieker) anke.schlieker@web.de .

Feast cook:
Swanhilde von Baerenau (Sandra Sieboth) swanhilde_von_bearenau@yahoo.com (please send me your food restrictions and allergies or include them in your reservation.) Location:
Shire of Baerenau (Rottleberode, Germany)