[AET] College of Three Ravens 2008

The Barony of Thescorre is pleased to announce The College of Three Ravens to be held on February 23, 2008, at the Western Presbyterian Church, 101 East Main Street, Palmyra, NY (phone: 315-597-9171). The hall opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM. The site is very dry, non-smoking & all flames must be enclosed. The site is not handicapped accessible.

The College theme for this year is: "Everything Middle Eastern and Asian". We would like to see classes that have a ME or Asian bent to them.View class list here.

The autocrat for the event is THL Caradawc Mendwr argyfoe@rochester.rr.com.
The Chancellor for this year's College session is THL Pleasance de Coignieres pleasance4@yahoo.com.

The cooks for the event are:
Lunch, Lady Katrina of York (Katrina@thescorre.org);
Feast, Lady Collette de Paris collette@thescorre.org.
Due to a small feast hall, feast will be limited to 75 people.

Reservations Clerk & Tollner for the event is Lord Mateo il Chieza matpirz@yahoo.com.

Fees for the College are: adult on-board, $12.00; adult off-board, $6.00; youth on board (ages 5-17) $6.00; youth off-board $3.50; those under 5, free of charge. Checks may be made payable to "SCA---Barony of Thescorre". The NMS will be enforced. Those adults who are not members or do not have proof of membership will be charged $3.00. You may send proof of membership with your reservations. Remember, the only good reservation is a paid reservation.

Take your best to the NYS Thruway (I-90) to exit 43, Palmyra/Manchester. Turn left (North) onto Route 21. Follow Route 21 to Palmyra NY. At the intersection of Routes 21 & 31 in Palmyra, proceed across Route 31 and turn right into the church parking lot. Look for the SCA signs!

http://www.thescorre.org/calendar/events/C3R2008.htm Location:
Barony of Thescorre (Palmyra, New York)