[MER] Golden Lily IX: Feast of Flames

Come and join the family of Beau Fort around our hearth as we celebrate the Feast of Flames on the 15th, 16th and 17th of February, 2008.

This Celtic mid-Winter celebration symbolizing the first stirring of the Earth from its icy sleep. Because this day was primarily marked by the kindling of sacred fires, we invite you to join us on Friday night for the first ever Beau Fort "Flaming Lily Tournament," a torch lit tourney that fans the flames for Saturday's traditional Golden Lily Tournament. Prizes awarded to the winner of each contest.

Since Brigid symbolizes the fire of birth and healing, the fire of the forge, and the fire of poetic inspiration, many of Saturday's A&S classes and children's activities are theme related.

Celtic feasts were often extravagant affairs where one would indulge in their love of eating and drinking...this will be no different. We will also be taking a bit of a twist with the hall this year.

After feast, join the revelry (weather permitting) around the bonfire with dancing and drumming until the flames turn to ashes.

Torch Lit Tourney
Friday Night
7pm - Armor Inspection Opens
8pm - Torch Lit Tourney Begins

Golden Lily Tourney
9am - Armor Inspection Opens
10am - Golden Lily Tourney Begins

Golden Lily will be held at the Indian Springs Group Camp in Flovilla, Georgia.

Indian Springs State Park
678 Lake Clark Road
Flovilla , GA 30216

Take your best route to I-75, exit 205. Turn East towards the city of Jackson on State Route 16/State Route 42. Follow State Route 42 to the entrances of the Park. Don't turn into the main park entrance. Continue to the THIRD entrance (it has the flashing Yellow light) and turn Right. You will come to a fork in the road. Fork Right and enter the Group Camp. The main Parking lot is obvious as you enter the camp. Troll/Check-in is in the main hall, (First large building next to the Parking Area).

One of the Dorms will be closed during our stay for repair. (hooray!) so we strongly suggest you reserve early to make sure you will have cabin space.

Tent (or car/truck/RV) camping is not allowed inside the Group camp. Space is available in park cabins or in tent sites inside the Park contact Indian Springs State Parkdirectly for more information.

http://gl.beaufortsca.org/ Location:
Shire of Beau Fort (Flovilla, Georgia)