Artwork Needed for KWAR and KWCS Event Booklet

The Barony of Caerthe, which will be hosting the Knowne Worlde Academy of the Rapier and the Knowne Worlde Costuming Symposium as a joint event, seeks cover artwork for the event booklet. THL Wyndylyn Leanb' na Doinneann writes:

Greetings to the artists of the Knowne Worlde.

The Barony of Caerthe in the Kingdom of the Outlands (Denver, Colorado, USA) is pleased and proud to host simultaneously both Knowne Worlde Academy of the Rapier and Knowne Worlde Costuming Symposium. Please visit our website at

Pursuant to this, I am looking for cover art and interior art for the program book. There is a contest for the cover art for which the winners will receive KWAR-KWCS T-shirts. Details are on the website.

I need two covers; one for each of the main tracks; the program book will be reversible. Outside edges should not exceed 7" X 9