[ATL] Below the Salt

Thats right everyone! Below the Salt is back and its the BEST its ever been! And this year is going to be the LAST ONE!! Thats right, THE LAST BELOW THE SALT!! May 9-10, 2008 in Lenoir, NC.

This year the peasants of the Canton have managed to "appropriate" some funds from a local noble. So they have decided to celebrate the good fortune by making their annual village fair and revel a spectacular success!!

There will be the usual activities that patrons in the past have come to expect of a Below the Salt experience. There will be FIGHTING, and LOTS of it!! There will be ARCHERY!! There will be a PARTY!! There will be a fencing scenario involving SHIP TO SHIP COMBAT!! There will be a PEASANT FASHION SHOW!! There will be a PARTY!!! There will be a BREWING COMPETITION!! (You may conduct your own drinking competition later if you like!) And later in the evening there will be BELLYDANCING!! Including a special appearance by some of the areas BEST DANCERS!!! Did I mention the PARTY!!! And FOOD! Food at the Party!!

And as if this isn't enough to make you want to pull out your calendar and check book, the Canton of Baelfire Dunn has managed to arrange for the MOST SPECTACULAR PRIZES EVER!!!

http://baelfiredunn.atlantia.sca.org/bts.htm Location:
Canton of Baelfire Dunn (Lenoir, North Carolina)