[ART] Otherhill Candlemas

For all of those who have been wondering about Otherhill Candlemas, wonder no more. Master Thomas duBeaumont wishes all to know the Shire of Otherhill, Artemisia's oldest shire, will celebrate the feast of Candlemas on February 2nd being 2008 of the common reckoning.

As is common for this celebration of the season, yearly contracts will be renegotiated and annual salaries will be paid.

In keeping with fine Otherhill traditions, feast will feature MEAT. There will be assorted vegetable things alongside, but the main focus will be for those more carnivorous.

Site fee/feast fee is $10.00 with a family cap of $40.00.

Site opens at 4:30pm and closes at 10:00pm

Site is the SCM Parish center, 624 Bridger Avenue, Rock Springs, WY 82930. Get there by taking the Kings Highway 80 to Rock Springs. From the east or west, take the Elk Street exit (104). At the 4th traffic (1.4 miles) light turn west onto Bridger Avenue . The site will be half a block west, on the south side of the road. Location:
Shire of Otherhill (Rock Springs, Wyoming)