[ATL] Feast of St Erasmus

For Many years the Legendary Treasure of The Marseilles Pirates has eluded many an explorer. Finally the day has come and the key to finding the treasure has been discovered. Fighters arm yourselves for a MIGHTY QUEST!!!

Armored fighters and Rapier Fighters will work together; First, to Get into the Town to Discover the Treasure Map, then to determine what creatures they will be fighting and Traversing the ?Maze? to get to the Treasure. Finally the teams will face off against each other to battle out who will win the right to the Prize.

YES there will be a Treasure as a Prize (Booty Chest). Donations from various merchants will fill our Mighty Treasure Chest and will be split amongst the members of the winning team.

Teams will consist of Armored fighters, Rapier Fighters, Combat Archers, and Target Archers.

For Non Combatants who wish to test their skills, there will be both Target Archery, a Swashbuckling Course, and of course many Arts and Science Competitions.

Arts and Science competitions will be centered on all things Nautical. With Competitions including Best use of Knot Work, Best Creation of a Ships Figurehead, Best Nautical Carving, and of Course a Brewing Competition for the Best GROG! Arts and Sciences competitions will be separated between Youth and Adults.

Les Gloutonnerie Souteneur will present a Scrumptious Feast from the Galley. A Children's feast will also be provided at No Additional Charge.

Site: Camp Wabak. 36 Camp Wabak Rd, Marietta, SC 29661

Site is WET, Merchants Welcome, and Many After Dark Activities to be enjoyed. Come enjoy a Day and Night in the Many Ports!!!

Cost Range is from $8.00 Day trip up to $32.00 for On site, On board, with Deluxe Accommodations.

Event hosted by Falcon Cree

Event Steward is Captain Nichola Buscelli (Rattkitten@bellsouth.net)

http://acorn.atlantia.sca.org/event_info.php?event_id=bdc61f96 Location:
Canton of Falcon Cree (Marietta, South Carolina)