[LOC] Rowany Festival

Rowany Festival is a five day camping event hosted by the Barony of Rowany over the Easter weekend. With groups from all over Lochac (and international visitors) attending, the event is a huge celebration of all things SCA within Lochac.

Baronies, Shires and even Households set up group campsites and usually decorate them with their own pennons, banners and group colours. The Festival is self catered, and usually groups get together to cater for themselves and possibly other households, setting up large group campsites with cook tents, common areas and even group showers.

This coming Festival is the 5th on the Crossroads Medieval Village site, previous festivals were held at the Tara Girl Guide Camp in Silverdale, and Fairholme Park in Wilton. Fairholme Park hosted the Rowany Festival for fourteen years, providing many SCAdians wonderful memories, and many good times. At this stage, Rowany Festivals 2008 and beyond will be held at Glenworth Valley.

Festival site preps are scheduled on the Calendar , for those of you interested in getting your sites prepared in plenty of time for Festival. Stay tuned for more info here as it comes. Click on the "Rowany Festival" tab in the green column on the left hand of your screen to read more about specific aspects of Rowany Festival, or download the Rowany Festival Booklet.

http://www.sca.org.au/rowany/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=58 Location:
Barony of Rowany (Yass, New South Wales)