[AET] AEthelmearc Crown Tournament

Unto the Noble Lords and Ladies of the Sylvan Kingdom of AEthelmearc, come one, come all. The Shire of Heronter is pleased and proud to host AEthelmearc's 2008 Spring Crown Tournament to choose the heirs to Khalek & Branwyn.

The event will take place at Boy Scout Camp Merz (5297 West Lake Road, Mayville NY 14757). Site opens on Friday, May 2nd at 6 PM and closes on Sunday, May 4th at noon. Any gentles still on site will be handed a broom and thanked for volunteering to help us clean up! Cabins with electricity are available, but the tent spaces are closer to the tournament field. Tournament pavillions to surround the list field are heartily welcomed! Please notify the steward if you need disabled-accessible facilities.

The event stewards are: THF Dagonell and THL Cigfran webmaster@heronter.org & choir@heronter.org. Reservations may be sent to: Lord Antonio DeLuna seneschal@heronter.org. The head cook is: Lady Brigitte von Eisenburg. Any dietary accommodations can be communicated to her at: headcook@heronter.org. Please note that any special dietary accommodations should be arranged with her no later than April 26th, 2008. If you have a tournament pavilion, please send measurements to: Duchess Dorinda Courtenay fencing@heronter.org. Please include footprint, room needed for support ropes and which side the 'door' is on.

Fees are as follows:
Site Fee: $10.00 Adults / $5.00 Minors
Camping Fee (Cabins): $6.00 Adults / $3.00 Minors
Camping Fee (Tents): $2.00 Adults / $1.00 Minors
Feast Fee: $7.00 All
Camping fees are for either or both nights. Please note that all reservations for cabin space or feast must be accompanied by the appropriate site fee as well as the cabin or feast fee. Please include the modern names of everyone for whom you are sending a reservation. Please note if your child/babe in arms will require their own seat at feast or their own bed in a cabin. Please note that, as per Society policy, a $3 non-member surcharge will be charged on top of all other fees for those gentles age 18 and over who are not members of the SCA. This may be sent with your reservation or paid at the door. If you require confirmation of your reservation please include an email address or a self-addressed envelope. All checks should be made payable to: SCA Inc. -- Shire of Heronter. As always, the only good reservation is a paid reservation, and the reservation deadline is April 26th 2008. ABSOLUTELY NO FEAST RESERVATIONS WILL BE TAKEN PAST THAT DATE!!

6 PM -- Troll Opens
Dusk -- Bonfire (Bards are welcome, alcohol is not)
10 PM -- Troll Closes

10 AM -- Troll Opens
11 AM -- Opening Ceremonies
11 AM -- Sign up Heavy Weapons List
11 AM -- Archery Field Opens
11 AM -- Children's Activities Begins
12 Noon -- Crown Tournament Begins!
2 PM -- Troll Closes
4 PM -- Court
6 PM -- Archery Field Closes
6 PM -- Feast
Dark -- Bonfire
8 PM -- Dancing in Main Hall

12 NOON -- Site closes

Please note, this is NOT the traditional site for Heronter's Harvest Raid event. If you go there, you will be on the wrong side of the lake! From the West, South and East: Take your best route to I-86 (former Route 17). Take Exit 8 (Westfield/Mayville) to get to Route 394. Follow the signs for Route 394 West towards Westfield and Mayville. It will be approximately four miles. Signs will be posted.

From the North: Take your best Route to I-90. Exit at the Westfield exit (#60) and take Route 394 through Mayville to the campsite. It will be approximately eight miles. Signs will be posted. Location:
Shire of Heronter (Mayville New York)