Caligula Really Was Nuts

The Guardian: An archeaological dig in Rome backs ancient writers' portrait of Caligula as a megalomaniac. British and American archaeologiest have found evidence of Caligula's megalomaniac behavior while excavating beneath the Roman Forum, countering recent historical theories that this reputation may have been exaggerated.

The Guardian: Caligula Really Was Nuts

No big surprise, that. The Roman emperors (even some of the later ones) did everything big. His successor Claudius (who probably wasn't hiding behind a curtain in terror, but rather somehow involved in the assassination of Caligula) built the winter harbor for Rome, and excavated a tunnel to drain Fucine Lake, creating 38,000 acres of new farmland. Nero's "Golden House" palace was a half mile long, which means it must have been a bitch to dust.