[MID] Push for Pennsic

PUSH FOR PENNSIC July 11 - 12 -13, 2008

Wapakoneta OH
This is a site change from previous years.

The theme for the weekend is: HOIST YOUR COLORS so bring your banners and let's see them fly!!

As always we will have fighting and more fighting Archery, and other sharp pointy things Merchants (contact me if you want to merchant Ashgrove@bright.net) Artisan's Row (again contact me if you would like to particpate Ashgrove@bright.net) Grayhounds and other pets will be allowed if properly leashed and "picked up after"

Lots of camping space - So bring out your BIG tents - It's a good chance to make sure they are ready for Pennsic

I' Scandali will be performing (maybe even the "naughty show") Location:
Shire of Havenholde (Wapakoneta Ohio)