An Tir knight's benefit stair climb on YouTube

Sir Brand of reports that the sports editor of the University of Washington Daily has produced a 2-minute video chronicling the An Tir knight's challenge to climb 5,000 stairs in 2 hours to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Sir Brand writes:

Greetings my friends.

Well, you don't see this everyday;-) I was doing a stair climb on the UW Campus to (what else) raise funds and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The Sports Editor of the UW student paper, The Daily, came by and did a video story on my run. My goal was 5,000 stairs in 2 hours. I made good time and finished with 7,700 steps total.

The Daily just published the story on-line and it at least mentions my interest in teaching Medieval History. I was doing the run in my Ben Franklin garb, but that's OK, it's all History, right;-)?

It's only about a 2 minute video. Please feel free and pass it on to your friends. Feel free to giggle at the odd juxtaposition of my 18th Century coat and vest, my Lycra tights and Reebok Shoes, and me talking about little kids who dream about being a Knight.

By the way, I am looking for people to join my Team for the Big Climb ( on March 16. That's just 1,311 steps and is a lot of fun. Check out and look for the link to my Big Climb page to join.

Here are the links:
1.) Directly from The Daily website (higher quality)

2.) YouTube

My thanks to Maks Goldenshteyn of The Daily and his crew.

-- G.Robin Smith Swims, Bikes & Runs to support Leukemia research. Donate at