Pennsic Blood Drive Successful, Will Return Next Year

The Pennsic Blood Drive collected 90 pints of blood for the Red Cross, slightly short of quota but enough that they will return next year. The Red Cross had established a goal of 110 pints total for Friday and Monday. The 90-pint collection was short of that goal, but Red Cross representatives still considered the drive to have been successful and well worth their time.

Linda Owens, local Red Cross blood drive coordinator, said that she was very favorably impressed with the courtesy and helpfulness of SCA donors and volunteers. Lady Angelique, of the Middle Kingdom, says that discussions are already underway to plan for next year.

Monday's donor pool would normally have been adequate to provide the intended quota of 65 units, but (probably by statistical coincidence) there were a higher-than-normal number of deferrals that caused the collection to fall slightly short total. 32 units were collected on Friday and the remaining 58 units Monday.

The Red Cross, Lady Angelique, and the Pennsic Chirurgeonate would like to thank all those who donated, provided snacks, and volunteered at the drive.