SCA-LLS-Gold Sponsorship - US$5,000 raised so far

Sir Brand deux Leonsand Mistress Cymbric of the Isles report on the progress of the Leukemia/Lymphoma benefit tourney at the Kingdom of An Tir's 12th Night Coronation.

Sir Brand writes:

Unto the People of the the Knowne World.

Greetings to you from Sir Master Brand deux Leons and Mistress Cymbric of the Isles from the Kingdom of An Tir.

Over the past 6 years at An Tir's 12th Night Coronation, the Chivalry of our Kingdom has sponsored an auction to benefit various worthy causes. This year An Tir established a relationship with an internationally respected charity: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). There are some in the SCA who are all too familiar with the fact that Leukemia/Lymphoma is the number one killer of children and yet also strikes 10-times as many adults. Funds raised for LLS go directly to patient-support services and research for a cure. Our goal was not only to support an extraordinarily worthy cause in memoriam for many (too many) of our own members who have succumbed to blood-related cancers, but to enhance the public reputation of our Society as well.

Towards this end, An Tir raised ~$5,000.00. To continue the momentum of this good work, we have expanded our goal and now seek to have the SCA become a Gold Sponsor for two seasons of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's "Team in Training" (TnT)* fund-raising events in this region. We are asking all the Kingdoms of the Knowne World to join An Tir in this effort. With just $300.00 from each Kingdom added to the $5000.00 An Tir has already raised, we could easily achieve the $10, 000.00 required to qualify the SCA as a Gold Sponsor for two seasons.

In addition to helping a very worthy cause, the SCA gains good publicity from this effort, including the Society's Name and Arms on ~200,000 Brochures, as well as on all the regional Team Jerseys and T-Shirts and the LLS Website. The SCA Corporate Offices will receive letters of thanks from LLS that can be shown by any branch of the SCA when negotiating with event site owners. Letters such as these can go a long way in demonstrating that the Society is a responsible and concerned, community-involved, organization.

In order for the Gold Sponsorship to happen, we ask that you join us by the end of January. A few dollars from many can see this goal met and go far in promoting the SCA's modern reputation.

Please feel free to contact me for details – or for information on how to donate on line, see below under the double asterisk **.

Our thanks for your time, attention and support.

Ever In Service,

Sir Brand deux Leons, KSCA, MPel (mka G.Robin Smith),
Mistress Cymbric of the Isles, OL (mka Cym Early-Smith)

*Team in Training members participate in, and gain sponsors on behalf of LLS for fund-raising marathons, triathlons, bicycle centuries, etc. To download this letter in a PDF format, click here or go to and download the link SCA-LLS-Gold-Sponsor-KW-Letter.pdf

A PDF of our brochure has detailed information about this effort and can be downloaded there as well: Click on the links below (or if that does not work, go to the Website above and click on the file names listed below):

SCA-LLS-Gold-Sponsor-Brochure Page 1.pdf

SCA-LLS-Gold-Sponsor-Brochure Page 2.pdf

** To donate on-line:
(Please be assured, it is a secure site and you instantly get a receipt for your taxes.)

Go to:
The Donation Website (cut and paste the following):

Enter the amount of your donation. The next page is an information page. --Be sure to add the initials "SCA" to whichever name you wish to have displayed ("SCA" is how the LLS tracks our donations for the Gold Sponsorship).

If you wish to remember someone with your donation you can easily include this information in the name field, as in the example below:

  • First Name: SCA - In memoriam to Sir Joseph
  • Last Name: Dame Glowing, [SCA Group].

Then continue to fill-out the rest of the blanks with your modern information.

Feel free to forward this to any and all. Thank you.