Estrella War XXIV: Important Heavy Combat/Siege Announcements

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan reports the latest martial and siege weapon announcements for the upcoming Estrella War XXIV.

Her Grace writes:

The Crowns of the Principal Kingdoms for Estrella War XXIV (Atenveldt, Caid, Outlands and Artemisia) and Their Earl Marshals today announced the addition of a "For Fun" Open Field Battle on Saturday at the event, and published "Senior Marshaling Team Heavy Combat Scenario Guidelines" that added siege combat for two scenarios and defined helm tape colors and "Allied Realm starting positions" for each battle scenario. The Crowns stated these announcements are intended to add to the overall fun for fighters, and shorten the setup time between scenarios.

Highlights of today's announcements include:

  • The new OPEN FIELD BATTLE planned on Saturday morning will not be fought for Victory Points, but purely for the Honor and Glory of Combat. It will be fought three times, with starting positions reversing between combats. Archery and Siege Weapons will not be included.

  • Siege weapons combat has been added to the FRIDAY-BATTLE 2: HOLY RELIC BATTLE and the SATURDAY-BATTLE 5: Bridge Battle.

  • Combatants for Allied Realm I (Atenveldt/Caid) shall mark their helms with BLUE tape. Combatants for Allied Realm II (Outlands/Artemisia) shall mark their helms with RED tape.

Full details of scenario starting positions for each battle are now shown on the HEAVY COMBAT page of the event website (, and the full text of the Senior Marshaling Team guidelines can be reviewed there as well (see: SeniorMarshalTeamGuidelines_FINAL.pdf).

The Estrella War website ( has a wealth of information about the Estrella War XXIV to be held Feb 12-18, 2008 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP
(Katie Richardson)
Acting Kingdom Media Officer, Kingdom of Atenveldt
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