Employment Exchange Board at Pennsic

Sca_Maids_and_Valets, an e-mail employment exchange group, is attempting its first on-site posting board at Pennsic War. Need help with set-up/take down, cooking, childcare, or your merchant booth? Need to cover some of your expenses (or barter for things you'd like to have) while you're at Pennsic? SCA Maids and Valets has a bulletin board at Information Point, right across from Cooper's Store, where employers can post their Help Wanted Ads, and which maids/valets can peruse. "Available for Employment" ads will also be accepted (from those 18 and over).

This is an outgrowth of the email group Sca_Maids_and_Valets@yahoogroups.com, which was designed to match people needing assistance at events with those looking for the means to attend events. The group currently numbers over 300 members from all kingdoms, and it helps place maids and valets at events throughout the year.

Messages for the board should be left for Bear in his "message acceptance container" at House Chaos Gate, next to Camp Urso in block E-01 on Dragon Trace Road (go straight west from Troll) between Chandler's and Sedalia's Way.