[CAI] Festival of the Rose

Are you or your group CAID's next Bardic Idol? Be you Dancer, Drummer, Singer or Performer of any Stripe, Come and impress the masses (and our judges)!

You say you have a talented Warband, an Entertaining Household, or a Barony that rocks? Come to Festival of the rose, and strut your stuff (ahem, family safe, please.) Bring home the trophy for your area! Think of it as a musical Melee! Bring on the singing Pirates, the Viking Marching songs, and the Sea Shanties!

This Festival of the Rose, Her majesty requests that our artisans and performers join us in Dun Or For an afternoon of fun, inspiring entertainment, and just plain silliness.

Among the events planned-

  • For our talented fighters- Best Boast, Death Scene, Challenge and Toasts-
  • For out talented artists- Come show your wares, and become a ?note of distinction?- and have your work praised by one of our fine performers!
  • Everyone will get a chance to participate!

Perfomers- are you ready to face our Judges? (Baby bards- don?t worry, we have a non-heckling opt out box!)

We'll have many categories and styles to compete in!

  • Best solo
  • Best team
  • Best New Team
  • Best Improvisation
  • Best Artisan
  • And much more! (Best Team Instrumental, or Best Solo Dance, etc.)

Drummers and Dancers, our own lovely Queen will be one of the judges?Come show your stuff, and Win, and show us your Victory Dance!

Join our fine Merchants, Food will be available, and the Master of Ceremonies will be "True- I don?t want to be Ryan Seacrest" Thomas Whitehart.

Site location:
Cedar Street Centre, 44851 Cedar Street, Lancaster, CA 93534.

This is a dry site.

Directions - Take Highway 14 to Lancaster, exit Avenue K, turn right and proceed to 10th St. West. Turn left and proceed to Lancaster Blvd, turn right and proceed to Cedar Street, turn right and the parking will be just past the older two-story building.

9 am: site opens
10:00 am: opening court
10:30 am: cut off time for group registration
1:00 pm: lunch break
5:00 pm: Closing court
6:00 pm: site closes

Site Fee:
$8.00 for adults and children over 12, children under 12 are guests of the Barony. $3 non-member surcharge.

Master Rufus MacDaniel “fotr(at)dunor(dot)org”.

Lunch inquiries:
Baroness Muiriath “baroness(at)dunor(dot)org” (if I do not respond within 24 hours, please re-send) There will also be a lunch provided for a nominal fee TBA on the website (www.dunor.org) This is first come first served, but the on-site lunches will be limited to 75 people. {Don’t worry, plenty of food nearby} You may contact Baroness Muiriath if you would like to reserve a lunch, though it is not required.

http://dunor.org/events/fotr/ Location:
Barony of Dun Or (Lancaster, California)