[ART] Birthday Bash XXII

Greetings to the gentle folk throughout the great and mighty Kingdom of Artemisia. The populace of the Shire of Silver Keep is eagerly anticipating the Shire's upcoming birthday. We invite all to throw off the doldrums of winter and come celebrate our Shire's birthday at Birthday Bash XXII.

A traditional Bearpit tournament will be held to decide both our tournament and Shire's champions. A rapier tournament will also be held.

Our site features a snowy hill perfect for sledding that both young and old can enjoy, so fighters, bring your shields.

Activities will be available for children and there will be A&S happenings all through the day, including an A&S Competition. Tournaments, activities, classes, prizes, and more will surely warm up any cold and dreary heart.

A&S COMPETITION will be held in the afternoon along with classes. If you would like to enter an item in the A&S Competition or would like to teach a class, please contact Ysabel de Torren at ysabel_de_torreon@yahoo.com .

Merchants please bring your wares and enjoy a profit. There will be no merchant fee, but we ask a donation be made to the Shire auction. To reserve space contact Lady Sine, email mferguson@bresnan.net .

FEAST will be limited to 60 partakers so please make your reservations early. M'lord Wolfgang and m'lord Andrew Broxton will be preparing a splendid feast fit for the King and Queen themselves.

SITE for this joyous celebration is the Lindley Center. The site is wet, so bring your finest period containers please if planning to imbibe.

Come by the following DIRECTIONS:
Take your best route to Bozeman, MT. Take EXIT #309 into town onto Main Street. Turn LEFT at the first traffic light onto Highland Blvd., and take your first RIGHT onto Curtiss. When you come to the "Y", bear LEFT and Lindley Center will be on your LEFT. Site opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.

Site Fee:
$7.00 adult ($3.00 adult nonmember surcharge will apply) includes lunch soup kitchen
$5.00 children 5-12; children under 5 are guests of the Shire

$8.00 adult (60 partakers)
$4.00 children 5-12
FAMILY CAP: $35.00 (immediate family members for site and feast)

EVENT STEWARD: Ysabel de Torre'n (Shannon Foster) ysabel_de_torreon@yahoo.com

Feast Stewards:
Wolfgang Tolstat and Andrew Broxton

Knight Marshall: Lord Oriah MacGilChrist (Scott Kinzy) oriahmacgilchrist@msn.com Location:
Shire of Silver Keep (Bozeman, Montana)