[ART] Baroness' Champion

As the long winter nights give way to the first rays of spring sunshine, Antoinette Clarissa du Bete, Eighth Baroness of One Thousand Eyes, has declared that joyous merrymaking and grand tournament are in order as she selects a new champion to go forth and defend her honor from all challenges, martial or otherwise.

In keeping with the tradition of this event, to be eligible to wear the favor of Baroness? Champion the candidate must be a member of the Barony of One Thousand Eyes, compete in armored combat tournament, display an Arts & Sciences creation, and complete the Baroness? quest.

Her Excellency of One Thousand Eyes further decrees that while you must be a member of Her populace to win the title of champion, that all good gentle folk are invited to come and compete in the tournament and display their many and diverse works of art for the enjoyment of all. Indeed, she challenges the artisans and warriors of Artemisia to come and test the mettle of those who would lay claim to the post of Her Champion, for she believes that it is through challenge that prowess of arm and mind are attained.

The armored combat tournament will be fought with 5 weapons styles: Weapon & shield, single weapon, Florentine weapons, great sword, and spear at barricade. The format of the tourney will be decided on the field, based on the number of combatants and Her Excellency's whim. The Arts & Sciences display will not require documentation. Her Excellency has requested that candidates for Baroness? Champion include a brief explanation (1-2 paragraphs) of their work. The Baroness' quest will be announced at Her Excellency's whim..

There will be a feast in the evening, limited to 60 guests. Feast fee is $7, and pre-registration for feast can be mailed to the event steward or to the One Thousand Eyes Reeve. Please be sure to include a name, contact information, and number of feasters that are being paid for. Checks should be made payable to Barony of One Thousand Eyes, SCA INC.

Site: Skyline Activity Center, 1575 N. Skyline Dr. Idaho Falls, ID. Take I -15 to exit 119 in IF. Turn west on highway 20, proceed to the light at the top of the hill and turn right (north) on Skyline. Two blocks down on the left, just before the airport entrance.

The event begins at 10 AM, lists open immediately following opening court or noon, whichever is sooner.

Site fee is $6, $3 for youth 6-14. There is no fee for youth 5 and younger. 3 dollar nonmember surcharge applies, as always.

Event Steward: HL Marcello
MKA Ken Wilson
kenandmindy (at) cableone (dot) net Location:
Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)