[ANT] 2008 Kingdom A&S Championship

Greetings to the lists, Please forward this to other interested parties; The 2008 Kingdom A&S Championship is right around the corner. This year, it is being hosted by the Barony of Dragons Laire in Silverdale, WA. The site is the lovely Silverdale Beach Hotel, previous site of the 2006 Kingdom A&S. The date is March 14 - 16th. When making reservations at the hotel, please make sure to mention the SCA to get the discount.

The Kingdom A&S Championship is one of the glorious championships of this mighty land. Any and all artisans are invited and encouraged to participate as either Single Entrants or for the Overall Championship. Not only does the Overall winner get a truly awe inspiring cloak to wear, but you also get to stand behind Their Majesties at Court, for a first-hand view of all the action! Single entries get the experience of competing at the Kingdom level with feedback from some of the Kingdom's foremost judges in their area of expertise. What better way to hone your skills or experience a Kingdom level championship?

The DEADLINE for announcing INTENT TO ENTER the Championship and for announcing Single Entries also looms. Because the event is a week past the usual date, the deadline for both OVERALL and SINGLE ENTRIES has been extended. OVERALL ENTRANTS must have their INTENT TO ENTER letter to Their Majesties, The Kingdom A&S Minister, AND the Kingdom Championship Coordinators by NO LATER THAN January 26th, 2008.

As always, you are welcome to either hand it to all in person (we will all be at 12th Night), send it via email, or send it snail mail. Pertinent addresses appended at the bottom of this announcement. SINGLE ENTRANTS must have their entry descriptions to The Kingdom A&S Minister AND the Kingdom Championship Coordinators by NO LATER THAN January 29th, 2008.

Again, you are welcome to either hand it in person, send it via email, or send it snail mail. The single most important reason that we insist on advance notice that people are interested in entering is to give the A&S staff time to find judges for each item. Additionally, setting up the schedule - with all the judges and entrants - takes some time. Please make sure that you have all the information on your item with your descriptions when you send it or them to us. RESEARCH PAPERS must be handed to the Kingdom A&S Minister and the Kingdom Championship Coordinators by JANUARY 26th, 2008.

Again, you are welcome to hand it in person, email it, or send it via snail mail. If you have any questions as to what needs to be in your letters of intent or description, please refer to this webpage: http://www.currentmiddleages.org/artsci/championships_KASC.htm

Your letter should include the following; - Your SCA and Mundane names - Your branch - The name of anyone you are in fealty to - A description of what you entry or entries are. This should include the time and place the entries are based on.- Contact information, email and phone number is required. - The type of entrant you are, Single Entrant, In-Depth Feedback or Overall Champion

Pertinent Email Addresses:
Kingdom A&S MinisterLaurellen de Brandevinmrq_laurellen@hotmail.com
Kingdom Championship Cordinators Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue and Gwen the Potter (please copy to both)Isolde's email: isolde_2@ibix.net Gwen's email: dragonfirepottery@tscnet.com

Their Majesties should be copied on the Overall Championship Intent letters only. Single entrants do not need to copy TRMs. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I remain, in service, Laurellen de Brandevin Kingdom A&S Minister Location:
Barony of Dragons Laire in (Silverdale, Washington)