[LOC] Rowany Newcomers AS-XLII

A new year brings new growth, and this year brings new growth in a number of areas. A new Festival site and an early Festival this year needs new faces to impress with our unique style of fun, education and sport.

Newcomers Feast is a great opportunity to bring along friends and family and show them the fun that is the SCA in Rowany.

This year's Newcomers is shaping up to be a showcase of all that makes the SCA exciting. Invite your friends and family along to learn about SCA involvement with a Tourney, A&S and a feast in the SCA's traditional eat, drink and be merry style.

*When:* Saturday the 8th of March. Scheduled to be released soon.
*Where:* Most likely at IMAR Community Hall, Croydon, NSW. There's a slight chance of a venue change.
*Cost:* $20/$25 Members/Non Members, $15 *First Event price**. $40 *At the door* after February.

*Activities:* Tourney, A&S Collegia, A&S Competition, Games, Dancing, Court, Music Feasting and fun for everyone.

*Bookings:* Contact Sveinn inn kyrri GrimssonBookings Close after the 28th of February 2008

Please forward to Local Lists as Necessary. Especially Stowe and the colleges if you are part of these lists. I have already forwarded to Radburne.

**First Event price* is for Newcomers who have never been to an SCA event before. Anyone who books at this rate and is found out to be abusing the discount by having been to an event before will need to pay the *At the door * price of $40 to attend. Location:
Barony of Rowany (Croydon, New South Wales)