The Curmudgeon's Tale

On the premise that "snarky ranting is period," Baron Master Louis-Philippe Mitouard announces a new SCA-oriented discussion group called The SCA Curmudgeon.

Master Louis-Philippe writes:

Got something to get off your chest? Is something in the SCA just driving you crazy?

Well, you're not alone. If you want a place to just go and vent, join The Curmudgeon's tale!

The SCA Curmudgeon is on the case.

We want long, well reasoned, uh, rants regarding SCA topics. At the end of each month, the best will be entered in the Curmudgeon of the Month contest (you can also enter your friend's rant without their permission for a laugh). The site will vote on the Curmudgeon of the Year based on your input.

The Moderator may or may not consider the votes in the final outcome, though.

Nothing is off limits. We won't censor ya. But, if you say something stupid be prepared for heckling.

Remember, snarky ranting is period. Just ask Shakespeare (who, granted, may or may not be period depending on your definition of period and Shakespeare).

And, yes, the moderator is a real SCA curmudgeon. You can look it up.