Shanghai Museum Pays $4.5 Million for 10th Century Calligraphy

AP: The Shanghai Museum has paid $4.5 million for a 1,000-year-old set of Chinese calligraphy books, the "Chunhuage Tie," which include the only known works by several master calligraphers. The "Chunhuage Tie" was assembled in the 10th century, during the Song dynasty, according to Zhou Yanqun, head of the Shanghai Museum's cultural exchange office. The state newspaper China Daily said it was created for the Emperor Taizong, gathering together the work of 100 calligraphers from antiquity through the 9th century.

Their works were copied onto wooden blocks and then printed on paper, Zhou said. She said those represented included Wang Xizhi, who lived in the 4th century and is regarded as one of China's most important calligraphers.