Photo Albums

I am new to the forum and site. How does one view photo albums? I can't seem to get them to open? Thanks - Rikhardr

Viewing photo albums

We don't actually post photo albums on, but rather link to photo albums from our news items. The albums are on other people's web sites.

What is the URL of the story that is giving you trouble? (It will be a URL like or similar.) Occasionally there is a typo in the link we publish, or it is also possible that the owner of the photos deleted or moved the page after we linked to it, which we have no way of knowing.

If there's a typo in the URL linked from our story, we'll of course be glad to fix it; just let us know where.

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Site Location of Axemoors

Site Location of Axemoors Christmas photos:

This site may just be down.

Thanks - Rikhardr